MC7 Schematics

Module Combo Inside Diagram

Module Combo 7 in 1 – 20’4″L x 15’6″W x 14’6″H

This is an inside diagram of all the fun activities that are packed into the Module 7 in 1 Combo unit. As you enter through the front you are in the jumping area with a large netted window for easy viewing. There is a basketball hoop in the jumping area, then you can duck and crawl through the tunnel under the inflated slide. After emerging from the tunnel you will enter the obstacle area complete with horizontal and vertical Pop Ups to weave, bob, and push your way through to get to the climb. You will climb to the top of the ride, get set on the waiting platform and slide at record speed down a steep slide at a 54 degree slope into the landing area with an inflated safety bumper for added protection. After the thrill of the inflated slide you may exit the ride through the same way as you entered or return to the jumping area for another round of fun.


3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.